We are proud to share the success of our colleague Alessandra Coral who, in pair with Valeria Piazza of PHD Media, was awarded the First Prize of the ‘PR Specialist’ category of the Italy Young Lions 2018, an initiative dedicated to under-30 talents in communications.

Alessandra and Valeria distinguished themselves with “The MITO Construction Sites” project, created to make the MITO Classical Music Festival more attractive among a more diversified audience. To win general public attention, the project plays on the surprise effect building two fake construction sites in iconic locations respectively in Milan and Turin. From the outside, passers-by can perceive that there are works in progress, but instead of drills and pneumatic hammers, they hear classical music. The project involves influencers to reach the young, while the loyal classic music lovers are awarded with an exclusive preview: a silent nighttime symphony to be listened to in headphones so as not to reveal anything outside the fake construction sites.

In addition to the category prize, Alessandra and Valeria were awarded with the Rai Pubblicità Braccialarghe Award.

At the end of June Alessandra will fly to France to represent Italy at the Young Lions Competition in Cannes.

Bon voyage and we’ll keep fingers crossed for the final challenge!