Noesis team supported ‘ProgettoGiovani’ of Istituto dei Tumori (Italy’s Oncological Institute) to launch the Song of the 2018 Summer created by the young patients of the Institute’s Pediatric Ward.

The song is the result of the commitment of doctors and artists who have supported teenage patients to translate into music what summer means to them. A song full of meanings that tells the journey that these boys and girls are experiencing during their treatments. ‘Progetto Giovani’, through various initiatives, does not want to erase the reality of the disease, but offer young people the opportunity to understand the importance of opening up to others and sharing what they are experiencing.

We are honored to have participated at the official presentation of the song together with the entire Pediatric Oncology team. “Sei tu l’estate, la danza della pioggia al contrario” (You are the summer, the dance of the rain in reverse) is online on ‘Progetto Giovani’ YouTube channel